Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Chuckles, Part 16: One Year Later

Dear Chuckles,

Today it has been exactly one year since I lost you, and I still miss you every day. Me without still just feels wrong. Off-balance somehow.

Christmas without you was very sad for me...and the first time in years I didn't have to try to wrap a basketball for you to open on Christmas morning and immediately hump. Trixie, of course, had to knock down the ornaments herself because you weren't here to knock them down for her with your tail.

Some days, like today, I'm overwhelmed with sadness, and my heart clenches when I think of how much we went through together, and how very much I wish you were still here. I know you couldn't stand to see me sad, so I try not to dwell for too long, but I'd give anything to have you here, yapping at me at 3AM, trying to herd me into the bedroom, my insomnia-busting pup.

Oh Chuckles. It took me nearly all day to bring myself to write this post, to mark the occasion somehow. I love you, and I miss you and your wonderful, sweet spirit. You'll always be my big furry baby.



These are the last 2 photos I ever took of Chuck, on February 17, 2012, just 4 days before he passed. I miss that face.