Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Saga of the Missing Engagement Ring

It started off like any other morning: I woke up late, was far too rushed, hated life...the usual.

I don't sleep with my rings on. Sometimes when it's hot, my fingers swell. Yeah, it sucks. So this morning when I woke up and couldn't get my rings on (SO annoying), I figured I'd do what I usually do when that happens: stick them in my pocket and put them on once my fingers un-swell. Only I didn't stick them right in my pocket because I was afraid they would fall out on the way to the car (oh, hello irony). So as I'm getting ready to go out the door, I'm juggling the rings, my phone and my cigarettes in one hand, my keys in the other, and trying to grab my purse. Of course I would drop something. Yep, dropped the engagement ring. But it was right there, in the house, and I picked it back up and continued on.

Around the time I was getting to the train station, I realized my engagement ring was NOT IN THE CAR. Anywhere. I knew I had picked it up before I left the house, so I emptied my purse, tore the car apart...nothing. At that point I had to run for the stupid train, so I called Josh (crying of course) and begged him to look everywhere for it, including the path I had taken from the apartment to the car, and the parking space and surrounding area. Because he's wonderful, he did all of that for me, but still didn't find it. And then I pick a fight, because I'm miserable and hating myself at the moment for losing the ring. He said things like "I'm not mad at you" (honestly it never even crossed my mind that he would be) and "I'm not going to be stupid and tell you it's just a ring, but I can buy you a new one." My responses were mostly things like "That's not the POINT!" and "I don't want a new one! It's not the same!" and "It's not about just the ring, it's about what it represents!" Yeah, I was fun. Josh is a trooper.

So of course I stress myself out about it. All. Day. Long. I ask Josh to check outside again. He tells me it's raining. To which my irrational brain told my mouth to reply "It's raining?? It could get washed away! Or buried in mud!" His response? "Calm down, it's only drizzling. It's probably not out there anyway, I bet it's in your car." Wrong, smartass.

I called and cried about it to my sister and my mom. I was probably pretty annoying. Public apology right here ladies.

Got back to my car at the end of the day and tore it apart again. No ring. I texted Josh (because I always text him once I'm in the car at night, it's just a thing we do) "in the car. no ring." He texted back he was sorry. I cried all the way home, kicked myself some more for losing the ring, and smoked a bunch. Then when I pulled into the parking lot, I thought to myself, you know, let me check the path and the parking lot one more time before I go inside and rip the house apart, maybe Josh wasn't sure where I parked last night. Grabbed my flashlight and searched long enough to get even more discouraged than I already was. I looked under the car which was currently occupying my space (thanks, asshole), the cars on either side of it, the path, and the parking lot. On my second pass through the parking lot I found the fucking ring. It was laying in the middle of the goddamn parking lot. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GODDAMN PARKING LOT. How the fuck did I not realize I'd dropped it on the way to the car? Ugh, whatever.

Luckily the ring survived. It was obvious it had gotten run over (probably by me, because that's my life), but all of the stones were there. It's just bent to shit. Josh is taking it to the jeweler tomorrow to get it fixed for me. He stayed calm throughout the entire ordeal, balancing out the crazy that is me. And that's what the ring represents, and why I couldn't possibly replace it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So I popped my Comic Con cherry.

So Josh and I went to our first Comic Con last weekend (6/18) and it was quite the experience. We started out late (Come on, what else did you expect? This is me we're talking about.) and forgot to stop for food on the way, but we made good time...until it was time to find parking. I swear we drove around in a fucking circle for an hour looking for somewhere to park that didn't look too shady because I saw that the parking garages were $28 and I said "Fuck THAT, let's see if there's anything cheaper." Since I was driving, I was going to do what I wanted anyway, but finally Josh got fed up and said "Fuck it! Just park in the garage and we'll pay the fucking 28 bucks! I have to pee!" At which point I began to laugh hysterically (also contributed to by the long drive, the heat, lack of sleep, and the fact that I had to pee too) and he told me to stop making him laugh because he had to pee. Hey, at least we got our crabby moods out of the way and started the Con on a good note. Yeah I know, we're awesome.

There was a line that was seemingly 5 miles long to get in. Naturally I assumed this was for the morons who hadn't bought advance tickets. The chick at the door quickly crushed my hopes with one sentence "Oh no, that IS the line for advance ticket holders." Fuck me.

So we walked the entire length of the line, discussed the possibility of cutting a few times (oh calm down, we didn't actually DO it), and finally ended up at the end of the line behind some dude who seemed way too interested in our conversations. I mean, he was so obvious about it. He actually would turn around and look right at us when we said something he deemed interesting. Wouldn't say a word, just looked at us. Then turned around again. Freaking creepy shit.

Finally, finally we made it to the front of the line, where they were giving out free Sabra hummus samples. That threw me. Hummus samples, at Comic Con? Really? I just don't see that as a great venue for hummus, but maybe that's just me.

Got inside, found our respective restrooms, did our respective things, and began our tour of Comic Con, making sure we knew what time it was because there was no way in hell we were missing the Bruce Campbell Q&A at 5pm. Shit, Bruce Campbell was really most of the reason we were going; Josh is a huge fan. He was already pissed that he forgot to bring Bruce Campbell's book for him to sign. I wasn't going to make it worse by missing that Q&A.

Pretty damn cool overall, I have to say. I totally geeked out on a lot of things...the original 1966 Batmobile, The Mystery Machine, John Schneider, this chick with an amazing Lady Death costume which I unfortunately didn't get a picture of, these random dudes dressed as Spaceballs which I also didn't get a picture of, Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints! Walking Dead!), and the Tribble booth. Yes, I almost bought a Tribble. Josh talked me down.

We missed Adam West and Burt Ward, which sucked, because that would've been a ridiculous geekout moment for me. We walked around sharing a soggy overpriced pretzel and guzzling warm overpriced sodas, checking everything out. Adam Baldwin's line was out of control, no thanks. Lou Ferrigno looked like he was kind of a dick, and had his people all over the place yelling "no pictures!" --Side note: What is that about, anyway? Why no pictures? What is Lou Ferrigno doing now that's so great? He wasn't the only one, either. Lots of the guests' handlers were policing the picture taking. I just don't get it.-- Checked out all the cars, considered getting a photo IN the Batmobile but didn't feel like paying for it...and then there was Bruce Campbell's booth. They were only letting VIPs through for autographs at that point ($30 a pop, by the way), but I sneaked us onto the line (all while Josh was whispering "no, what are you doing, are you crazy?") and his manager let us through. My efforts clearly paid off, as I actually saw that fanboy glow in Josh's eyes when he got to have an actual conversation with Bruce Campbell.

Right after that was the Q&A, which was absolutely hilarious. I've never laughed so hard for that long. It felt wonderful. Click the link below to check it out. It's about 43 minutes long. Apologies in advance for the 2 quick skips at the beginning, any camera shakiness on our part, and the annoyingly loud tool sitting next to us.

Bruce Campbell Comic Con Q&A

Afterward we wandered around a bit more, as things were winding down. Not many celebs left around, most with signs in their booths that said when they'd be there the next day. But then lo and behold, Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe, Smallville). If I thought Josh was starstruck before, it was nothing compared to this. He got so nervous he started babbling stuff at her about how Black Canary should've been in more episodes of the last season of Smallville. It was cute. She was really awesome about it, and super adorable in person. He got a picture with her, which just about made his entire day.

Click here for our Comic Con pics

Ended the night at TGIFriday's with a burger and a beer (well, tequila for him), and came home exhausted but happy. I call it a good day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Really? REALLY??

Really? After all this time, after everything that's happened, my douchebag (spell check tells me that douchebag should be hyphenated, but I'm not going to hyphenate it. What a rebel.) ex-fiance is stalking me online? REALLY?? Literally, he is going through my Facebook friends list (which I thought was private and unavailable to him since I have him blocked. Silly me thinking anything's really private.), and trying to add all of my friends. He is also stalking my list of Twitter followers. Seriously, dude?

To be fair, I suppose it's hard to find friends of your own when you're a 37-year-old failure of a former "pro" wrestler who's living with a 19-year-old girl and working at Dunkin' Donuts because nobody's going to hire a personal trainer with a gut. No, I didn't make that up. That's really what his life has become since I finally dumped his ass in 2007.

That's right, I said 2007. So, why is this stalking happening now, more than 4 years later? I honestly have no answer for that. Maybe he's realizing what a "winner" he is now, and is trying to find a way back into my life, since I'm happy and less than a year away from getting married. Maybe he's just a fucking scrub who's trying to hijack my friends because nobody gives a shit about his stupid indy wrestling shows, so he'll try to "promote" to them so people actually show up. I don't know. All I know is that it's fucking annoying. I'm not in high school anymore, so I don't feel the need to be drawn into high school games. The only thing this has succeeded in doing was irritating me. Maybe that was his goal, I don't know and I don't care. Really, he just needs to go away.

I'm assuming he'll see this post at some point since he's stalking me. Or not. I couldn't care less one way or the other, truly. And THAT is winning.