Friday, July 1, 2011

Conversations With My Sister #1

So I'm starting this new thing called Conversations With My Sister, because she's fucking hilarious and some of our conversations are too entertaining (or ridiculous, depending how you look at it) not to be shared.  *Don't worry sis, no personal shit, I promise.* 

This one began because she asked me if I'd watched that new show Wilfred yet. Click here if you haven't heard of it. She tells me it's funny as hell. I have not seen it yet, and there are now 2 episodes on my DVR waiting for me. I suck at DVR, by the way.

So then we got to talking about Elijah Wood, and I told her that every time I see him all I can think about is the creepy ass bad guy he played in Sin City. The glowing eyes, the fucked up shit he did? It just stuck with me. Probably doesn't help that I'll watch Sin City anytime it's on, but whatever. She's only seen it once, which is completely beside the point...
Anyway, when I told her that, she laughed and said "What do you MEAN? He's been in so many things!" I think I said something about The Lord of the Rings being what he's best known for (I could be wrong about this - honestly I have no idea), and something about Hobbits. I'm not entirely sure. But her answer made me laugh so hard for some reason and was definitely the funniest thing I heard that day, and is the inspiration for this whole Conversations With My Sister series:

"But he's not just any Hobbit. He's the most important Hobbit."

This may be one of those "you really had to be there" things. Or not. Either way, I thought it was freaking funny and wanted to share. I won't be irritating and post every single conversation we have, but I will share the ones that entertain me. Maybe they'll entertain someone else. :)


  1. I for one thought it was funny as hell! I love Elijah, and I especially love LotR, so this one made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank YOU for reading! And getting it! ;)