Saturday, December 3, 2011


People need to control their fucking dogs. And if you can't control one, DON'T HAVE ONE. It's not fucking rocket science. Here's a good example of why your dog should be on a goddamn leash.

Chuck was attacked tonight by an absolutely vicious bull terrier who was for some reason off his fucking leash. We were coming around the corner of the building, and this thing came flying directly at Chuck, and he was not playing. He got his teeth into Chuck's ear and would not let go, and poor Chuck didn't even have time to defend himself, and then he couldn't fight back because of the arthritis in his back legs combined with panic and the pain, so he was laying there crying, but it was almost like he was screaming, and then of course I was crying and freaking the fuck out, screaming at these assholes to get their "FUCKING DOG OFF MY DOG, HE'S GOING TO RIP HIS FUCKING EAR OFF, YOU STUPID FUCKS!" (direct quote)

And by the way, just a quick aside here - these people are trash with a capital fucking T. The woman looks like a cracked out junkie - I'm guessing meth by the looks of her - and the guy looks like someone who'd marry his cousin.

This dog literally almost ripped Chuck's ear off, and 2 grown men (Josh and Trash Guy) couldn't pry its jaws apart to get it off of Chuck. When we finally did get the other dog off of him, Chuck just came over to me wagging and panting. He's so forgiving it's amazing. He's amazing. 

He looked ok when we were outside, but once we got into the light in the apartment and I was checking him over, we found a gaping, bleeding wound (which actually turned out to be 3 separate wounds) on the back of his ear. There was a piece of his skin hanging off. This dog nearly bit right through his fucking ear. Even as I type this I'm still very literally vibrating with anger.

This picture doesn't really show the true extent of the damage. When we moved his fur even further back we realized it was nearly bitten through.

First, we called the cops and filed a police report. Because fuck this shit, that dog is clearly dangerous and they cannot keep him under control. I'll be picking up the report in 5-7 business days (rolling my eyes right now). Animal Control will follow up with the dog's owners on Monday, but as long as the dog is licensed in this town and is up to date on all its shots, they won't do much of anything. So I will also be calling the company that owns my development to alert them to a dangerous dog that just moved in, letting them know it's a lawsuit waiting to happen. And we'll see if that yields any results. Then I heard the cops go over to the other peoples' apartment, and when the cop told the guy "you know she's probably looking at about a grand to fix her dog," do you know what Trash Guy said? He said "We could not have been nicer, and I said I was sorry!"  What the fuck? Does sorry fix my dog? Does sorry pay the vet bill? Does sorry not make me want to punch you in the face? The answer to all of those questions is no, so shove your sorry right up your ass.

So down to Garden State Emergency Vet in Tinton Falls we went, all of us still covered in dirt because this whole thing happened in an area that was mostly mud. Chuck's ear had to be shaved and he has something like 10 staples in it. The doctor didn't feel comfortable with (and I wouldn't have allowed them to anyway) putting him under general anesthetic to do full stitches, because he's 13 and honestly it's just not safe. So she did a lidocaine injection in his ear before she cut away the torn skin and did the staples, but he had to be awake for the whole thing. My poor baby. Such a trooper to go through all of this while he's also going through the other crap with his liver.

Man, he hates this damn cone. I have to go buy him one of the soft ones tomorrow.

Chuck is currently passed out from the painkiller they gave him, which is a good thing. This was way too much for him. And for me, for that matter. And for Josh, as it turns out, because as we speak he is in the emergency room because he got bit in 3 places trying to pry the dog's mouth off of Chuck's ear. He's also getting x-rays because he can't move the finger that got bit the hardest.

And here's Josh in the ER...

So here's the deal. I know damn well these people don't have money. They didn't even try to offer to pay for anything. So, since they already know we're serious about this (due to the whole cops visiting their apartment thing, and the fact that Josh screamed at them that they would be paying the bills for this whole thing), I will be leaving a copy of tonight's vet bill in their mailbox letting them know they have exactly 7 days to pay me, because in 7 days is Chuck's follow up appointment. And then they have 7 days from the follow up appointment to pay me back for that. If they pay for nothing, we go to small claims court. I'm not fucking around here. I had both my dog and my fiance in the hospital tonight because of these people. They need to learn a lesson, and if I have to be the one to teach it to them, so be it.

Rant over.


  1. get some pepper spray at a sporting goods store the kind that can stop a bear. the bull breeds won't let go( they were bred to kill other animals). but if you hit them with spray, they can't breathe & their choice is either to breath or bite; most will chose to breathe. also can take collar and twist: again they can choose to breath or bite: most will let go unless very determined. I would get the spray: its not fatal and will stop them. Chuck was lucky.there is no way that bull terrier should have been off a leash. these breeds always seem to be owned by losers like the trash people. best to chuck for speedy recovery and to your fiance. tell him to really watch his hands-that is a very dangerous injury.

  2. Thanks for the advice and the good wishes! My only concern would be that I might accidentally hit Chuck with the spray if he's tangled up with another dog. But definitely a really good idea!

  3. chuck is so lucky! dog could've grabbed him by back of neck and shook-it woul've been all over. spray not fatal but will stop an aggressive dog.hope chuck is feelig better