Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Stand...

I Stand Against Weight Bullying is a campaign designed in response to Georgia's misguided and harmful Strong4Life campaign against childhood obesity. Activist Marilyn Wann designed a template so that people could create their own version of the Strong4Life advertisement, featuring a more upbeat picture and inspirational message. I was made aware of the campaign through my friend Cruiser Dolly over at The Fun Between My Legs, which if you aren't reading already, you should be.

Here is my STANDard:

You can also see my STANDard, and all of the STANDards created so far, by clicking here.
Check out the write up in BBC News Magazine here.
Visit I Stand Against Weight Bullying on Facebook.
Create your own STANDard and get involved! Health at EVERY Size is what's important!

I would like to thank Marilyn Wann and everyone at I Stand Against Weight Bullying for allowing me to be a part of something so meaningful! Stand up to bullies! ♥

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