Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Chuckles, Part 4

Dear Chuckles,

We brought you home from the vet today. They of course did a beautiful job but nothing could stop the tears today. I know you hated to see me sad, but you gotta cut me some slack here, boy. At least you're home with me now, where you belong.

We're going to take you to Grandma's this weekend to leave a small piece of you there, since you were so very happy in that backyard. The basketball, the hose, the pool, the frisbee, the constant overturning of the water dish plus the fact that there was always someone there to play was like your own personal dog park and it always made me so happy to see you so happy.

Appropriately, it's a rainy, nasty day outside. The kind of day you reveled in making me take you out multiple times, not because you really had to go, but just so you could get wet and splash in the puddles. I splashed a couple for you today.

I miss you every day, my water dog.