Monday, April 9, 2012

My sarcastic superpowers have met their match.

This is an actual conversation which took place between Josh and I while we were watching TV the other night:

Josh: Wow, Stevie Nicks looks great. She's gotta be in her sixties, right?
Me: I think so.
Josh: Look it up.
Me: I don't feel like going over to the computer to look it up.
Josh: You know your phone's a computer, right?
Me: Shut up.

Listen, I'm late to the whole smart phone party, so yes, I tend to forget that I have a computer right there at my fingertips. Josh had one long before me, so he's way used to it by now, and enjoys being a smartass. Which I suppose is fair seeing as I'm a sarcastic bitch. Match made in heaven, folks.

By the way, I did look it up on my phone, and Stevie Nicks is 64.
And because she's awesome, here's "Stand Back," my personal favorite of hers. Enjoy.

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