Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dear Chuckles, Part 8

Dear Chuckles,

It was exactly 3 weeks ago today that I lost you, my sweet boy.

Today I cleaned up the rest of your toys, and it sucked. I won't lie and pretend that I didn't sit on the floor hugging your duck (you know, the one you loved so much that you ate its beak off) and crying. I did. For a very long time.
But then, as I was moving some of the other toys aside so I could stand up, I found 2 stray tennis balls. And I just started laughing. Tears still streaming down my face, still hugging the duck, but laughing all the same. That brings your grand total to exactly 100 tennis balls, Chuck. You crazy mutt.

I was already very sad today to begin with because it was absolutely beautiful out, the kind of day I would have taken you for a ride in the car just for the hell of it, or maybe taken you to Grandma's to wreak havoc in the backyard. But I can't do those things anymore (although technically I guess you did get to come for the ride when I went to the store, since I'm wearing my pendant). Living without you isn't getting any easier.


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